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What is GetOnHealth?

GetOnHealth is an all-in-one cloud-based Telehealth platform that allows any care facility to launch and maintain a successful virtual clinic within their practice. Using GetOnHealth, health practitioners can offer the convenience and flexibility of quality virtual care to their patients while improving scheduling, session tracking, billing accuracy and other operational efficiencies.

The Value of Telehealth Services

During this international health crisis, leveraging telehealth services has become crucial for care practitioners worldwide for maintaining safe care environments while providing uncompromising quality for patient care. GetOnHealth provides you with the tools you need to provide critically needed virtual care while streamlining daily workflow at your practice.

5 Steps to a Successful Virtual Clinic

1. Invite Patients

Using GetOnHealth’s easy import wizard you can upload your patient lists directly into the application and then invite them to schedule a virtual appointment via direct message.

2. Simplify Scheduling

GetOnHealth allows you to create and easily manage schedules for all of your physicians from one place while providing them easy access to their calendars from both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Track With Increased Efficiency

Time tracking, session notes and other important details that frequently get missed with telehealth calls can be entered and managed easily from any device directly into your GetOnHealth session history.

4. Add Convenience

Text reminders, automated follow ups and other conveniences will maximize the efficiency of your office and reduce no shows, last minute cancellations and other interruptions to productivity.

5. Improve Billing Accuracy

Billing accurately has never been easier. GetOnHealth provides all of the new Telehealth billing codes and rates inside the session profiles. All you have to do is select the appropriate item from a drop down menu and save it with your notes and other session details, leaving everything organized and ready for your billing administrators.

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See What Our Users Have to Say

GetOnHealth is great! It helps me easily organize and stack my calls to patients and track the interactions to make it easy to bill for the calls. Plus, it notifies my patients and lets them know when I will be calling so they don’t miss my calls. This site is so helpful!

GetOnHealth makes it so easy to collect all of the data my admin needs to bill for follow-up calls. We can’t imagine working without it now at my office.

Before using GetOnHealth, billing for telehealth codes was a pain! It was hardly worth the work it took. Now, GetOnHealth has made it so easy to get the data I needed to bill and make money on the calls that I was already doing!